Session Retreat

Written By: Rev. Susan Takis

Over the past 8+ years that I have been a member of this presbytery, I have experienced Camp Montgomery in so many different ways – from being a summer camp chaplain to coming for presbytery meetings to attending spirituality retreats to coming for daylong fun events to directing the summer music and drama camp to coming for a personal daylong or overnight retreat. However, there is one experience that has been perhaps the most fulfilling for me…don’t laugh when I tell you what it is…for it is leading and or attending Session retreats at Camp Montgomery!

…Really?… Session retreats?…I bet that is going through your head this second, but yes, I mean it! I have attended and/or led probably a dozen Session retreats over the years not only for my own church but for some of yours. What Montgomery offers for a Session retreat, which cannot be offered at your church or in any secular setting near your church – is the chance to truly get away to a spot where you feel Christ’s presence at every turn. Imagine holding small group breakout sessions on the various porches and in the various rocking chairs around the campsite. Imagine having a conference room where you are provided with whatever you need technically, not to mention easy access to refreshments and coffee. Imagine clean and comfortable Inn Conference Rooms and Cabins for overnight accommodations. Imagine being able to hold worship at the end of your retreat down near the lake as the sun glistens over the water. Imagine brainstorming with another elder while walking along the prayer trail. The list goes on and on…

The staff at Camp Montgomery is also available to help you tailor your retreat to fit the specific goals of your time together. Is your Session retreat primarily about getting to know one another as you begin your work together? Schedule ice breakers and other group dynamic games led by an experienced staff member. Is your Session retreat primarily about pushing your elders to move beyond their comfort zones as they make hard decisions in the coming year? Schedule a time to challenge them on the ropes course, led by a certified staff member. Is your Session retreat primarily a time of planning and brainstorming? There are many rooms which are comfortable yet accommodating to a business meeting, not to mention the entire outdoor setting!

Consider Camp Montgomery as a unique and special place to hold your next Session retreat, for it is the one place in our presbytery that welcomes all people to experience Christ and creation in ways that deepen faith and strengthen relationships.

I look forward to hearing that you have booked your retreat at Montgomery! I promise that you won’t be disappointed!