Montgomery Capital Campaign

We need your help TODAY, why?

The Debt

Around 1998, a large sum of money was left to Montgomery by Ms. Virginia Weller to  build a bigger dinning hall and Inn Rooms. While this money helped to get these projects started, it did not cover the total cost. This (among continual reliance upon loans to continue building & upkeep projects) put Montgomery in some considerable debt. 

The Dilemma

In October or 2017, a task force established by the Presbytery of St. Augustine recommended that Montgomery raise $700,000 by the end of April, 2018 to pay down the existing debt service or the Presbytery will consider closing Montgomery.

The Facts
  1. Without the debt service, we would be in the black annually!
  2. Each summer we serve over 400 campers through our Summer Camp Program
  3. During the year we see almost 5,500 guests
  4. Just last year, the Presbytery of St. Augustine sited both youth and Montgomery as key strategies to our continued growth and the life of our community in general


So what can YOU do to help?

Add Us

By adding us as a friend on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter, sharing posts, commenting, and liking you are helping us to continue to grow our amazing community. While you may not be at camp 24/7/365, YOU are still a part of our community!!


You can also help us by prayerfully considering to donate monetarily. By helping us to pay down our debt you are investing in our community! 


Another way to help us is by participating in any of the wonderful events that Montgomery has to offer. Check out our Events page, or our calendar to see what we have coming up! You could also participate by choosing to purchase one of our one of a kind Montgomery Fundraising t-shirts!

Have any Suggestions?

We’re always looking for ideas!

We want to hear from you!

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