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Cabins are the perfect place for small groups. They have enough beds for 9 people, great for the 1:8 ratio, two showers, two bathrooms, four sinks, and a beautiful back deck for life changing discussions. All the cabins have air conditioning, hot water, and the ability to lock the doors if needed.


Gregory and Williams Lodges

Whether it’s Culinary Creation trying to cook up a delicious recipe, Leaders-In-Training learning about good communication skills, or two groups of discovery campers ready for a memorable week, Gregory and Williams Lodges have the space to cover it. Two dorm wings can both sleep 8 people (Gregory) or 20 people (Williams), each with their own showers and sinks. Both lodges have hot water, air-conditioning, and a deck perfect for Bible studies in the shade.






The Treehouse is a beautiful setting for our Emerald Forest Rustic Camp. With one gender staying up in the treehouse, and the other bunking in tents below, everyone will feel connected with nature by the end of the week. Firepits are numerous for cooking on, fans available to cool off, and water available to clean the dishes after the meals.