Leadership Camps

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Did you ever get the sense that you could be doing a whole lot more? The following programs are all about service to others, obtaining leadership and service skills, and preparing for service to the church and others. You will participate in specific projects, discuss and study scripture together, and have fun as you work through what it means to follow Jesus’ example. Truly unique and unforgettable opportunities for both older and younger youth.

2-Week Leaders in Training - Tier I: $750 - Tier II: $850 - Tier III: $1050
Entering Grades 10-11 in Fall 2017 || July 9-21
In everything that you do you will come across both good and bad leaders. At Leaders-In-Training we teach you the skills to be that great leader. Spend your first week at Montgomery learning different types of leadership skills, doing many of the exciting Montgomery activities with new friends, and growing deeper in your own faith. During your second week at Montgomery you get to put your new leadership skills into practice. You will lead activities like arts and crafts and recreation time for the younger campers and also participate in an off-site community service project.


Counselor In Training - Tier I: $435 - Tier II: $495 - Tier III: $550
Entering Grades 12 & Grad in Fall 2017 || June 26-July 1
The ultimate camp for those wanting to be counselors at Montgomery. During the week you will learn skills that you need to know to be a counselor through study, observation, and hands-on practice. You will also meet others interested in counseling and build strong friendships with them. At the end of the week, with coordination from the Program Director, you will have an opportunity to come back to camp and put into practice all that you have learned as a Counselor-In-Training.