Our permanent staff is fairly small in comparison to the sheer size of our acreage, so we often need help filling the labor gaps. But you can help us out! Donate your time and labor to help us complete our list of Montgomery Improvement Projects! You can volunteer as a group, or you can simply attend one of our scheduled work days/work camps as an individual. We have some scheduled Work Days coming up, if you would like to take part in one please let us know at least a week ahead of the scheduled date. Call Lexi for more information (352) 473-4516 or fill out a Volunteer Form and mail or fax it to Registrar at 88 SE 75th St Starke, FL 32091 or (352) 473-4723.

Contact Lexi Green, Interim Executive Director, at lexi [at] montgomerycenter [dot] org to find out how your group can help. Below is a partial list of our necessary projects for the near future.

Volunteer Projects

  • Lakeside Landscaping for Little Crystal Lake
  • Restoration of Emerald Bath-house (Pressure washing, deep-cleaning inside, mowing, weeding, painting)
  • Cleanup at High and Low ropes courses (picking up branches, raking, tree-trimming etc)
  • Cleaning & rebuilding info-boxes
  • Make new benches to put around camp
  • Clearing brush from around cabins
  • Camp-wide ground-sweep for trash, branches, etc
  • Weeding beach-areas for all Lakes
  • Clean  gutters on all buildings
  • Build Lifejacket shed at Big & Little Crystal