Summer Camp

Summer Camp

A weeklong adventure awaits you at Discovery Camp! 5 days of Bible study, arts & crafts, worship, tubing behind the boat, being blobbed a Lake Emerald, and shooting archery (just to name a few) awaits you. You will quickly become friends as you climb the rock wall, sail, tube on Crystal Lake, explore your faith and make lifelong memories.

Discovery Camp

Are you looking for a first time camp experience? Not sure if you are ready for a full week of overnight camping? Then Explorer Camp is just what you need. Stay at Montgomery for 4 days and 3 nights while building the amazing lifelong camp memories. Experience the crackling of a campfire, the splashing of water, the joyous noise we call singing, growing closer to God and participating in outdoor worship!


Do you like to conduct gross and messy experiments, engineer cool structure, go nuts with chemistry and make new friends all while connecting to your faith? Our BRAND NEW Mad Scientists camp provides all this and more! Come and experience an amazing week creating your very own cardboard boats to sail, testing out egg crash test cars and create radical reactions. By the end of the week you will be a certified Mad Scientist!

Mad Scientists

Don’t you want to learn how to enhance your faith while making delicious meals? Then this is where you should be. Spend a week learning the basics of the trade while preparing a 4-course meal to serve and break bread with your family when you are picked up Friday afternoon. Not only will you have 2 counselors to take you through the week and all the adventures Montgomery offers, but you will receive instruction from other kitchen gurus.

Culinary Creations

Are you ready to rock, make new friends, and grow your faith all in one week? Camp Jam provides all this and more! Come and experience an amazing week preparing your very own show with other campers who have been given the gift of making a joyful noise. At the end of the week, campers will perform their awesome talents for their parents and staff. Whether you are a dancer, singer, musician, photographer, set designer or have a gift you want to use to glorify God; then com Jam with us!

Camp Jam!

At the beginning of the week you and the friends you make in your group get to create your week’s schedule. Want to do your Bible study at the cove? Well put it on the schedule. Do the high ropes? Put it down. Do a polar bear swim in the morning? This is your week at Montgomery to make friends, push yourself to the edge of your seat, and make life long memories.

Challenge Camp

If you don’t like to get up at 7:00am and go to bed at 10:30pm then the Power and Light camp is right for you. During this camp, rise and shine isn’t until 10:30am and in cabins for the night is at 1:30am. Create your own schedule and put a whole new spin on the classic Montgomery activities like zipping off the high ropes course into darkness, having worship lead in the dark of night, and doing more night activities to develop a fuller camp experience.

Power & Light

If you love sleeping in and hanging out with friends late at night, then you may be a Night Owl! Night Owls sleep in till 10:30am and enjoy all the fun summer camp during the day, then experience the surprise nighttime can bring. Now only do you get a chance to play in God’s amazing creation at camp, but come with us on a special trip to have some real fun off-site. Grow your faith, have heartfelt conversations, and the time of your life under the nights sky with the best people around!

Night Owls

Are you ready to stay at Montgomery for more than just a week? Do you want to make stronger and deeper connections with your friends and counselors? Then come spend a week and a half at Montgomery with our 10-day Challenge Camp. Come and make your own adventures as a group and have a great time doing it. There will be an off-site adventure as well as our team focused Alpha & Omega weekend, along with many other new activities during your extended stay.

10-day Challenge Camp

Wild Water is a chance for Christian adventures through water and outdoors. Campers build relationships while canoeing on an area lake, challenging themselves with water games and taking an exciting trip featuring a water related activity. Campers will hear about our loving God and spend time with our great college staff that models what it is like to live a life for God (and get SOAKED doing it)!

Wild Water

Experience God by surrounding yourself in his unique creation. Enjoy outdoor living and experience building your own campfires, cook your own meals, sleep under the night sky, and learn essential skills to being able to THRIVE out in the wild. You’ll also get a chance to take part in Montgomery’s classic activities including tubing, rock climbing, sailing, swimming, Bible studies, canoeing, archery, and more!

Emerald Forest Rustic Camp

In everything that you do you will come across both good and bad leaders. At LIT we teach you the skills to be a great leader. As a Montgomery LIT, you will gain different types of leadership skills, facilitate activities for younger campers, grow a deeper understand of your faith, participate in Alpha & Omega weekend, and make memories with friends that last a lifetime.

Leaders-In Training

The ultimate camp for those wanting to be counselors at Montgomery. During the week you will learn skills that you need to know to be a counselor through study, observation, and hand on practice. With coordination form our Program Director, you are able to come back and volunteer for one (or more!) week(s) as a junior counselor/support staff member with your very own kiddos!


Family Camp is a great way to have a new kind of family vacation, introduce a child that might not be ready for a residential camp to Montgomery, or a way for the adult to experience camp themselves. Get an opportunity to experience all of the classic Camp Montgomery activities as a family with the added benefit of experiencing our magnificent carnival capped off with our yearly fireworks display!

If you have been to our Family Camp before you might notice that this years camp is NOT during our normal 6-week summer camp time. Instead, we have opted to host this amazing event over labor day weekend in an effort to be able to include those families who may not be able to attend in the middle of the summer. We hope to see you all there!

Family Camp